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Creating Sustainable Future with Green Hydrogen

We believe green hydrogen plays a significant role in the current energy transition to achieve decarbonization or net-zero emissions. To mitigate the global greenhouse emissions and address current energy transition challenges, sustainable carbon-free hydrogen is required. Hydrogen, specifically, plays critical role to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors such as steel, chemical, long-haul transport, shipping and aviations. Splitwaters is developing emerging green hydrogen production technologies with the aim of lowering the cost and comparable to the cost and make hydrogen cost competitive of fossil fuel. We are committed to be a meaningful part of the energy transition. Our efforts could help to completely decarbonize the transport, energy storage, chemical processing, and heavy industrial sectors with green hydrogen.

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Product Offerings

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Energy Transformation

Modularized Designs

Modularized systems allows to scale up the production upto Giga Watt Capacity.

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Long Electrolyzer Life

Distinctive selection of electrolytic cell materials avoids electro-corrosion and electrolysis cell degradation.

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Dynamic Response

Electrolytic cell dynamically responds faster to renewable energy fluctuations.

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High Efficiency

Best in class efficiency electrolyzers yeilds high hydrogen output.

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Lowers initial capital costs by upto 25% and lowers the total levelized cost of hydrogen production by 27% or more.

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Customized End Product

Hydrogen customized to meet varying purity and moisture content requirements.

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Innovating Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

At Splitwaters, we are pioneers in developing cutting-edge technologies for green hydrogen production, essential for achieving global decarbonization goals. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to create innovative solutions that address the challenges of the current energy transition while paving the way for a cleaner, carbon-free future.








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